Art Direction, Branding & Design

in:sight Design Exhibition at Northern Kentucky University

Artwork, Illustration


Artist Statement:

Of the many things I learned from my late business partner, Mike Amann, a nonchalant comment he muttered after a tough meeting is the piece of knowledge I most remember him by. “Pioneers take all the arrows,” he said. He went on to explain how when you’re trying to do something original or new, you’re likely to get plenty of pushback from all directions. It was only a casual exchange, but the words have lived on. I’ve since adopted the phrase into my regular design vocabulary and have often found it useful for personal reflection.

Displayed here is a collection of some of the most memorable “arrows” I’ve taken through my design work. They come in the forms of head-scratching feedback, surprisingly approved concepts, comments from appalled clients, failed results, and unexpected compliments. In the moment, these arrows create a full range of strong emotions, but their lasting effect is some of my work I’m most proud of.

The exhibition is designed for the viewer take an "arrow" from the wall and use it as encouragement as they pioneer their own ideas.