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High Five Salon

Illustration, Artwork, Photography

Building a community around “Bold Love”

High Five Salon, a single-door studio, operates with a three-to-five month waitlist at any given time. When commissioning C-90, High Five had a unique ask. “How do we grow, without actually scaling?” The salon had no intention of opening another location so soon after renovating its new headquarters in the trendy Findlay Market area of Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

The solution for C-90 was obvious: build upon the creativity of High Five’s talent through an exercise in awareness and nation building — going beyond hair — through the salon’s mantra of “Bold Love.” The magazine, a scintillating celebration of the local community and human relationships, accentuates through this idea of “BOLD LOVE,” uniting over 20 Cincinnati-based creatives to showcase employees, musicians, clientele, friends and fans of High Five Salon. In addition, C-90 was very hands-on shooting, art directing editorials and collaborating with photographers Madeleine Hordinski and Devyn Glista of St. Blanc Studios.

Beyond the innovative and symbolic artistry, “Bold Love” makes another bold statement — print is not dead.

Designed at: C-90
Photography by: B. Emmit Jones