Art Direction, Branding & Design

Ignite Entertainment

Visual Identity, Photography

A visual identity For The Million™

Since its establishment in 2012, Ignite has grown from a single nightlife establishment into 12 thriving bars and restaurants. As the business grew through a combination of new concepts and acquisitions, Ignite’s portfolio became not only more diverse but also more difficult to recognize as part of the same company.

Despite their success, Ignite had never developed clear and consistent positioning to bring their portfolio of brands together. We found the consistent thread between the Ignite brands was that they were built and managed by people in the communities they were meant to serve.

Using this insight, we positioned the Ignite brand to be FOR THE MILLION, which reflects their spirit of creating places that are for everyone, not an exclusive group. This position informed a visual identity and brand architecture that takes inspiration from the streets, community symbols, and grassroots design techniques.

Designed at: C-90

Photography by: B. Emmit Jones.