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College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation

Artwork, Installation

M. Cora Dow Mural

Artist Statement:

“M. Cora Dow” pays homage to the entrepreneur and pioneering pharmacist, Cora Dow. After acquiring Dow’s Drugs from her father in 1885, Cora expanded the business to 11 stores, making it the nation’s second-largest chain of pharmacies. In addition to her business acumen, Dow made significant advances for women in the field of pharmacy. Under her leadership, she ensured a comfortable experience for women in her stores. As a result, Dow’s Drug Stores were designed with a feminine appeal, and female pharmacists were hired at equal pay to men. Dow’s legacy endures, with over half of pharmacists now being women. The nearby intersection of Hamilton and Cedar Avenues is named “Dow’s Corner” in her honor.

The mural draws inspiration from period-appropriate ghost signs and the bold aesthetic of Pop Art, serving as a visual testament to Cora Dow. Designed by Christopher A. Ritter, it features a 17-foot-tall portrait of Cora overlooking College Hill. Surrounding her are a series of iconic Dow’s Drugs medicine bottles, guiding viewers through the artwork and illustrating the wide variety of products and services the stores provided to their communities.

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