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Visual identity

Melissa in Jellyland / SS24

Melissa, the largest brand in the portfolio of the Brazilian sandal manufacturer Grendene, sought to enhance its presence in North America. Despite being an iconic brand in its home country, there was a need for heightened awareness in North America.

Melissa’s iconic silhouette is the Possession, a classic fisherman-style Jelly Sandal. It had achieved mass popularity in the 80s and 90s, but the brand needed to reposition itself for the U.S. consumer.

The primary objective was to elevate brand awareness by emphasizing Melissa as the authentic originator of Jelly shoes. The focus of the campaign was to promote the Possession sandal. which required a balance between showcasing its timeless appeal and infusing a fresh, seasonal relevance. With this as the brief, Melissa In Jellyland was born.

Designed at: MirrorMirror™
Photography: Supplied by client

Melissa in Jellyland is…

Melissa in Jellyland celebrates individuality through the iconic Possession sandal. Jellyland is an imaginative space where authenticity thrives and personal uniqueness is celebrated. It merges 90s grunge aesthetic with contemporary vibes, and invites people to embrace their truest colors.

Positioning The Original Jelly

Leveraging the brand icon Possession, our strategy involved explicit messaging and visuals to position it as “The Iconic Possession” and as “The Original Jelly.” Graphics highlighted the significance of the sandal, and emphasized Melissa's role as the pioneer in Jelly footwear. This narrative was woven into all brand materials, creating a compelling story of creativity and authenticity.

Creating the Style Guide

To ensure a cohesive and recognizable for the campaign, we developed a comprehensive style guide. This guide outlined color schemes, typography choices, and design principles that reflected both the nostalgia of the 90s and the contemporary vibe of the campaign. 

Social Media

Recognizing the importance of social media for the campaign, we created graphic templates tailored for various platforms. These templates extended to paid social media, organic posts, and stories, ensuring a seamless and visually captivating presence across Melissa’s social media channels.

Across Channels

The Melissa in Jellyland concept was translated into designs for billboards, wild postings, PR materials, digital advertisements, store windows, and in-store applications. Each design incorporated elements that resonated with the 90s grunge theme, aligning with Melissa's fashion, art, and design pillars while showcasing the Possession as a symbol of originality.

In executing these actions, the campaign aimed to not only rekindle the nostalgia associated with the Possession sandal but also introduce it to a new generation of North American consumers, solidifying Melissa’s status as the unrivaled Original Jelly brand in the market.