Art Direction, Branding & Design

Veritas Automata

Visual Identity, Illustration

Solving for α when α = your business problems

In 2023, Veritas Automata entered a transformative phase, emerging from a decade-long incubation and navigating a merger. MirrorMirror took on the challenge of reshaping its visual identity, focusing on key elements to craft a compelling narrative.

The design system centered around the "Hexagonal Architecture" development philosophy, incorporating geometric precision and symbolizing the flexibility of Veritas Automata’s solutions. Creative coding and automated design techniques were strategically employed, reinforcing the company's status as a leader in the automation industry.

Veritas Automata adopted the brand positioning of “Solving for Alpha,” portraying itself as a dynamic problem-solving partner. This approach framed business challenges as unique tasks the company could adeptly address, further enhancing its market position.

The design's flexibility allowed the brand to be timeless and implemented across various platforms.

The brand launch featured an interactive website, serving as a dynamic platform to communicate Veritas Automata's ethos, values, and problem-solving mindset. The result was a visually compelling and coherent identity that positioned Veritas Automata as a market leader in the automation industry and underscored its commitment to dynamic problem-solving.

Designed at: MirrorMirror™