Art Direction, Branding & Design

lululemon — Whatever The Weather

Visual Identity

Launching lululemon into a new category

How do you launch into a new category? How about comfortable products for any weather condition?

Traditionally, lululemon has been considered a women’s brand, but after multiple years of research and development, the company decided to release their first line of men’s outerwear. This product launch not only meant entry into a new category, but it marked the beginning of a shift in strategy for the entire business.

The brand’s first product offerings (Einn Shell, Surge Thermo Vest, and Stay Puff Parka) were designed to keep you active and comfortable in all weather conditions—cool, rainy, or cold.

To illustrate these weather conditions, a distinct photo style was developed and shot on location in Portland, Vancouver, and Alaska. We designed the visual identity and lookbook for the campaign that was used across marketing, advertising, and in-store applications.

Since the campaign, lululemon has continued to be one of the great retail success stories, citing their entry into men’s business as a key driver for their growth. In fact, the company plans to double their men’s business as part of its 2019 five-year strategic growth plan.

Photography by: Empire Green